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Family affair in Daegu

Myung Jin's parents are from Daegu so a lot of her relatives are there. They all came out to meet us.

Myung Jin's two grandmothers. 할머니와 외할머니께서 오셨다.

There were 21 of us. 모두 와주셔셔 감사합니다~

Myung Jin's aunt who came to the wedding, and her husband. 고모와 고모부. 고모는 엘에이까지 오셨다.

Myung Jin's mum and her sister. 엄마와 이모.

Eric pours soju for Myung Jin's uncle. He is becoming too good at it! 소주를 잘 따르는 에릭. 

With everyone. 대가족 사진.

With two grandmothers. 할머니, 외할머니 건강하세요~


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