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June 01, 2007

Grandpa Song

The second weekend after we got back from the honeymoon, we flew to Korea to meet Myung Jin's extended family. Our first stop was at Myung Jin's grandfather in Daegu.

신혼여행 다녀온 두번째 주말에는 서울과 대구에 계신 친척분들께 인사드리러 한국으로 갔다. 우선 대구에 계신 할아버지 산소로.

Eric and Taek put the geraniums by the grave. 에릭과 택승이가 사가지고간 제라니움 꽃을 놓다.

Saying hello to grandpa. 할아버지께 인사.

Family photo. 가족 사진.

할아버지 또 올께요.

Family affair in Daegu

Myung Jin's parents are from Daegu so a lot of her relatives are there. They all came out to meet us.

Myung Jin's two grandmothers. 할머니와 외할머니께서 오셨다.

There were 21 of us. 모두 와주셔셔 감사합니다~

Myung Jin's aunt who came to the wedding, and her husband. 고모와 고모부. 고모는 엘에이까지 오셨다.

Myung Jin's mum and her sister. 엄마와 이모.

Eric pours soju for Myung Jin's uncle. He is becoming too good at it! 소주를 잘 따르는 에릭. 

With everyone. 대가족 사진.

With two grandmothers. 할머니, 외할머니 건강하세요~


June 05, 2007

Taek's office

While we were in Seoul, we took a quick detour to Myung Jin's brother Taek's office. Taek's office is not your regular office space. He shares it with three other friends and they have collectively accumulated all the games, comic books, figurines, DVD movies you could ever wish for. And the best part is  - the in-house bar and bartender. (Taek is a certified bartender) It's a boy's dream come true!

택승이의 사무실에도 들렸다. 3명의 친구들과 함께 쓰는 사무실에는 만화책, 게임, 영화 등 오락에 관한한 없는것이 없다. 가장 압권은 홈-바. 모두들 놀러와서 떠나기를 싫어하는 곳.

Taek at his desk, surrounded by Japanese comic books. 택승이 책상.

The bar is well stocked! 제법 잘 갖추어진 홈-바.

Taek and his friends. 택승과 친구들.

Seoul gathering

The second gathering in so many days was in Seoul at a nearby Chinese restaurant, with also about 21 members of extended family.  

대구에서 모임 다음날에는 서울에서 모임을 가졌다. 근처 방이동의 중국집에서. 대구에서와 똑같은 숫자로, 21명이 모였다.

Korean screen.

It almost feels like a mini-wedding. 마치 결혼식같은 분위기. 모두들 와주셔서 고맙습니다~

We screened the slideshow of wedding photos from our laptop. 결혼식 사진을 노트북에서 슬라이드쇼로 관람.

Family photo. 가족 사진.

Just the two of us. 우리끼리 사진.

June 08, 2007

Home in Tokyo

We've created a new blog at www.songcruz.com/blogtokyo on which we started posting our life in Tokyo, our current home.

We will keep this blog for documenting wedding-related events. Our "official" wedding photos are due in one month - we can't wait!  

June 29, 2007

Wedding photos

The "official" wedding photos are here!