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The true star of the evening

The true star of the evening was not the bride nor the groom, but the bride's brother Taek. Taek impressed everyone with his height, his handsomeness ;-), his friendliness, and his impeccable British accent. He was not only the interpreter for the Korean and English language speakers, but he was also the masterful facilitator of programs of that evening.

During the days leading up to the wedding, to our (happy) surprise, he developed deep bonds with our families and was intrumental in bringing all of us together. This wedding would not have been as magical without him.

Thanks Kay for this great photo!

신랑 신부보다 더 인기많았던 멋진 내 동생 택승이. 전문 동시통역사인 택승이가 예식을 통역을 해주고 사회를 한국어와 영어로 너무나 멋있게 봐주었다. 에릭 가족들과도 친해져서 미국오면 초대받은 곳이 많다.

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