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Bird's eye view

Right after we climbed down the mountain from viewing the sunrise, we got on a helicopter and flew over it. It was quite a sight! Even though it was sunny at clear on the side we started out from, it was windy and drizzly once we got past the mountain. The last leg of the ride was a little bit bumpy... The view was beautiful, but it ended just in time.

마우이섬을 둘러보는 헬리콥터를 탔다. 마우이섬은 제주도와 비슷해 날씨가 변화무쌍하다. 섬 한가운데에 있는 산을 넘어가니 그쪽에선 비가 보슬보슬내리고 있었다. 덕분에 좀 멀미를...


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