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May 04, 2007

The Wedding

It's over! It was a beautiful day on April 22. It started to shower as soon as the ceremony was over. Myung Jin's father says it's a sign of luck and prosperity.

More photos to follow, but these are some from Peggy. 

Myung Jin's dad walking her down the aisle. On the left are flower girl Nicole, bridesmaids Soojin and Eunkyung. Under the gazebo are Taek, Myung Jin's brother and interpreter of the evening, and Kenji, our dandy officient. We stood under the gazebo decorated with bourganvillea. 

Eric reads his letter to Myung Jin. 

Ceremony over... the exit!

May 11, 2007

From Dad Song's camera

Entrance to La Venta was full of colorful flowers.

The four Cruz brothers with Dad Cruz. 

In the back garden of La Venta where we took the family photos.

With Myung Jin's Parents.

With all parents. 

With Myung Jin's family who flew all the way to Los Angeles from Korea. 

With Cruz family. Lauren is crying. ;-)

The reception tables are ready. The wedding favours from Korea are on each chair.

The fountain with floating candles. The evening turned out to be rainy so we didn't get a chance to light the candles. They still look pretty though! 

Family outing

The Song family flew into Los Angeles four days before the wedding. Myung Jin and Eric had a chance to take them around the town. At a beach side pancake house in Manhattan Beach, close to where we were staying.

예식 며칠전에 엘에이에 오신 부모님을 모시고 해변 근처에 있는 팬케이크 집에서.

Dad Song's spy cam action.

아빠의 몰래 카메라.

We also went to our newly discovered, newly favourite breakfast place Amadine in Brentwood. (Not on a same day)

오믈렛과 프렌치 토스트를 맛있게하는 '아마딘'에서.

Dad Song is impressed by the size of coffee cups in America! 

커피잔 크기에 감탄!


May 13, 2007

Family dinners

Four days before the wedding Eric's mum family and Myung Jin's family met for the first time over Spanish dinner at La Paella in Beverly Hills.

에릭 어머니 가족들과 스페니쉬 식사. 에릭네는 마드리드에 몇년 살았었다.

Eric with Myung Jin's brother Taek, and his brothers Michael and Angelo.

택승이, 에릭 동생 마이클, 에릭, 에릭 형 앤젤로. 

Sisters Alyssa and Melissa.

에릭 여동생 알리사와 맬리사. 

The Song family met Eric's dad family at Torafuku, a Japanese restaurant in Santa Monica. The dads are exchanging gifts to each other's family. The mums look on. The brothers Taek and Ramon face the camera.

에릭 아버지 가족과는 일식당에서 만났다. 정상회담같은 포즈.

Angelo's wife Lily and Eric's sister Kristina.

에릭 형 앤젤로 부인인 릴리와 여동생 크리스티나.

May 14, 2007

Scenes from the wedding

Kristina and Jamie were at the entrance, helping us recieve the guests with sign-in book and programs.

입구에서 하객들을 받은 크리스티나와 제이미.

The gift basket is decorated with Bourgainvillea.

선물 바스켓.

The watery-eyed flower girl Lauren gets the wreath.

울다만 로렌에게 화관을 씌우다.


The guests are seated, facing the view of the Pacific ocean,

기다리는 하객들. 한쪽으론 태평양이 보이고


and the city of Los Angeles.

한쪽으론 엘에이 시내가 보인다.

Flower girl Nicole enters carrying the ceramic ducks with our wedding bands. A species of duck mate for life - hence it has traditionally been a symbol of marriage in Korea.

꽃순이 지윤 입장. 뒤에서 사진찍는 준환오빠. 우리 반지를 담은 오리모양의 도자기를 두손 가득 들었다.

Kenji and Eric at the alter.

기다리는 멋쟁이 주례 켄지와 필리핀 전통의상을 입은 에릭. 

Myung Jin enters with dad. We like this photo taken from behind.

입장하는 모습을 뒤에서 찍은 이 사진이 정말 마음에 든다.

The true star of the evening

The true star of the evening was not the bride nor the groom, but the bride's brother Taek. Taek impressed everyone with his height, his handsomeness ;-), his friendliness, and his impeccable British accent. He was not only the interpreter for the Korean and English language speakers, but he was also the masterful facilitator of programs of that evening.

During the days leading up to the wedding, to our (happy) surprise, he developed deep bonds with our families and was intrumental in bringing all of us together. This wedding would not have been as magical without him.

Thanks Kay for this great photo!

신랑 신부보다 더 인기많았던 멋진 내 동생 택승이. 전문 동시통역사인 택승이가 예식을 통역을 해주고 사회를 한국어와 영어로 너무나 멋있게 봐주었다. 에릭 가족들과도 친해져서 미국오면 초대받은 곳이 많다.

Thierry Cam

Our good friend and photographer Thierry took some photos too.

에릭 친구 중 (쪼-금 유명한) 사진작가도 와서 "예술적"인 사진을 찍어주었다. 대부분의 사람들은 너무 스냅샷 같다고 불만이다. 따로 정식 사진작가가 있었기 때문에 이런 물렁물렁한 사진들도 좋다.


May 22, 2007

The Maids

Myung Jin's bridesmaids (who are actually "matrons" ;-) Soojin and Eunkyung flew in from Pittsburgh and Seattle respectively.

피츠버그와 시애틀에서 엘에이까지 뫄준 내 친구 수진이와 은경이. 이쁘다!

We can't remember what we were laughing at!

Ever-prepared Eunkyung had some Kleenex ready for Myung Jin.

준비한 티슈를 건네주는 은경이.

May 24, 2007

The Cake

We designed the wedding cake to match our invitation. The Wedding Lladro was gift from Eric's sisters Melissa, Alyssa, and brother Michael. 


The Dance

Eric's dad and Tita Malou showed us the dance steps the night before the wedding. 

전날밤 에릭 부모님께 15분 레슨받은 실력을 선보이다 - 역시 좀 모자랐다... ^^

The View over Los Angeles

The evening started at 5 pm and ended at 11 pm. 

야경. 5시에 시작해서 밤 11시에 마쳤다.

May 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Mum

A few days after the wedding, April 27th was mum's birthday. Before she left for Williamsburg we went to Saladang, Eric's favourite Thai restuarant in Los Angeles to celebrate.

Angelo took picture of us infront of Saladang. From left are Lily, Myung Jin, Lauren, Eric, Aunt Susan, Melissa, Mum, Uncle Danny. 

At Grandpa Cruz

We visited Eric's grandfather's grave at Apple Valley two days after the wedding. Some flowers from the wedding were already there.

May 29, 2007

Honeymoon in Maui

We went to Maui for the honeymoon. It was sunny, cloudy, and windy all at the same time.

신혼여행은 마우이에서. 태평양 한가운데 섬이라 그런지 날씨가 맑은 가운데 구름도 많고 바람도 정말 많이 불었다.


Nature Galore

At the Waleakea National Park.

국립공원의 풍경.


With Kenji

Kenji checks up on us in Maui. Just kidding - we are all here for our friends Sumi and Satch's wedding. 

우리를 따라 마우이까지 온 주례 켄지....는 아니고, 사실은 마우이에서 또 다른 결혼식을 주례하기 위해 왔다.

Kenji and sunset at Lahaina. 

석양을 바라보는 켄지의 뒷모습. 

Sunrise at Haleakea

We got at up 3 am to drive up the mountain to see the sunrise. At 10,023 feet pre-sunglight, it was freezing even though it was Hawaii! But it was worth every shattering teeth.

3055 미터 높이의 할레아키아 산으로 일출을 보러갔다. 춥긴했지만 일출은 정말 장관이었다.

Bird's eye view

Right after we climbed down the mountain from viewing the sunrise, we got on a helicopter and flew over it. It was quite a sight! Even though it was sunny at clear on the side we started out from, it was windy and drizzly once we got past the mountain. The last leg of the ride was a little bit bumpy... The view was beautiful, but it ended just in time.

마우이섬을 둘러보는 헬리콥터를 탔다. 마우이섬은 제주도와 비슷해 날씨가 변화무쌍하다. 섬 한가운데에 있는 산을 넘어가니 그쪽에선 비가 보슬보슬내리고 있었다. 덕분에 좀 멀미를...


May 30, 2007

Sumi and Satch

May 4th was our friends Sumi and Satch's wedding at a beautiful location in Maui overlooking the ocean.

친구 결혼식이 마우이에서 있은것이 우리가 마우이로 신혼여행을 간 이유중 하나다. 장소가 장소니 만큼 하와이 분위기가 듬뿍담긴 결혼식이었다.

Alohas are abundant on the guests' outifts.

This is Kenji's second officiant duty in two weeks.

The happy bride and groom exit.

Everybody went barefoot during the ceremony.

With Wieden people.

Our table cards at the reception. 

The halo above our head is a nice touch. ;-) This one is by Kay.

Molokini Snorkeling

Kenji, Tomoko, and us went snorkeling to a small island off of Maui.

몰로키니 섬으로 스노클링하러 갔다. 보트로 약 40분 거리.

Off we go! It was about 40-minute boat ride.

In our wetsuits.

Molokini Island is shaped like crecent moon. The inner curve area is the best for snorkeling.

Eric the water seal. 에릭은 물개.

Eric stayed out there for more than an hour and was the last one to get back to the boat.


May 31, 2007

Maui Kamaole

Maui Kamaole, aka Maui Guacamole was our home for the 9-day stay in Maui. We had a nice patio, some stretch of lawn in front of our apartment, and even some ocean view. 

At the patio after breakfast.

Red bird is a sign of good luck.

Even a couple of quails came to munch on some breakfast crumbs.

Hair resembles tree leaves.

Drying our sneakers. 

The entrance to Maui Kamaole

Our apartment is the third from the left. 

Maui Ocean Center

From the aquarium.  

Maui Aloha

We went to Maui without any plans. Our only objective was to attend our friends' wedding there, recover from the wedding, and relax; all of which were happily achieved. That we ended up having great fun and adventure, and hang out with Kenji and friends was icing on cake. It turned out to be a perfect honeymoon.

Our favourite spot was a small jacuzzi pool with an old wooden buddha overlooking.

Coconut trees are everywhere.

View of the swimming pool.

At the pool.

Bougainvilleas are everywhere too.

Sunset from our apartment.