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Shopping at Insadong

S-TA-BUK-S-CO-FFEE in Korean. We started off our morning at Starbucks at Insadong, the antique street in Seoul, where we are going to find wedding favours.

Insadong street scene.

Brightly coloured tourist trinkets spill out onto the sidewalk.

Myung Jin's cousin Yoo Yun helps her browse.

Store front

Snow falls on a "hanbok" installation at Ssamzie, a popular Insadong shopping mall.

Yoo Yun with wishing tree. 

Our find of the day: miniature Korean meal magnets! All five dishes - grilled fish, kimchi, tofu stew, steamed white rice, and fried egg, are individual magnets! YUMMY... but NOT our wedding favour!

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