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March 04, 2007

Blast from the past!

We're digging up old photos to project on our wedding. Myung Jin at age one - a wobbly beginning!


A wedding before

More golden finds from the old photos box. Some 30-plus years ago, Myung Jin's parents were wed in Daegu, South Korea.


Myung Jin's mother walks down the aisle with her father.


At the alter


Ring exchange


Extended family photo


In "hanbok" after the wedding

March 09, 2007

Then and now

Myung Jin munching on ice cream, at around age 5 in Hong kong, with brother Taek, age 3.


Many many years later... Myung Jin about to munch on ice cream, at Al Gelato in Los Angeles, with partner in crime, Fiel.

Eric in white

Those in the know, know this is a rare sight indeed! 

March 10, 2007

Shopping at Insadong

S-TA-BUK-S-CO-FFEE in Korean. We started off our morning at Starbucks at Insadong, the antique street in Seoul, where we are going to find wedding favours.

Insadong street scene.

Brightly coloured tourist trinkets spill out onto the sidewalk.

Myung Jin's cousin Yoo Yun helps her browse.

Store front

Snow falls on a "hanbok" installation at Ssamzie, a popular Insadong shopping mall.

Yoo Yun with wishing tree. 

Our find of the day: miniature Korean meal magnets! All five dishes - grilled fish, kimchi, tofu stew, steamed white rice, and fried egg, are individual magnets! YUMMY... but NOT our wedding favour!

March 11, 2007

Our second date

Night time in Columbus, morning in Tokyo. 


The very first date

Our first date was on April 10, 2006, on iChat. Eric was in Tokyo, and Myung Jin was in Columbus. There were many firsts that March and April; first phone call, first text chat, first video chat, first 'in-person' date, etc. We decided to call this one our first date because it's the first time we saw each other in 5 years.  

Myung Jin is in the middle of packing up to go back to Seoul, hence the mess behind her.

March 12, 2007

Floats for fountain

We tested our floating candles in our bathroom sink. They're pretty! 

March 14, 2007


Our great friend Jack Peng left us too suddenly and too early. If we were not meant to have him in person, we hope he be with us in spirit, at our wedding and in our lives throughout. These are pictures from a party for Jack, one month ago in Los Angeles.

Jack presides over the party. 

The party was full of people who were in Jack's life. It was lively, and almost fun, the way Jack would have liked.

Eric with brother Ramon

Myung Jin and Eric 

Eric and Fiel

Eric with friend Sun 

March 15, 2007

From Icheon

Icheon is a city about one hour south of Seoul. For centuries, it's been known for its delicious rice and beautiful pottery. That's where Myung Jin and her father headed to last Thursday afternoon, in search of gifts for the wedding guests.

Getting off the highway.

Myung Jin's father is on the phone, getting directions.

Countyside road, on the way there.

We found the place finally, in the middle of rice field.

It's a family business; father, son, and daughter work on it.

Where they are made. 


March 20, 2007

Nothing's changed

Eric's favourite Myung Jin photos.  

Age one at Seoul Children's Park.