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February 02, 2007

Meeting at La Venta



Aunt Cel and I went to La Venta last Wednesday to meet with Lauren, our on-site wedding coordinator. This is the 'ballroom' with the dance floor. Lauren (whose grandfather is from the Philippines) asked, 'Do you think there'll be much dancing?' Aunt Cel says, 'Oh yeah, we're Filipino'.


Sitting by the window is Lauren, who was wonderfully patient with our quirky demands, and sitting on the chair is Aunt Cel who was so generous as to accompany me to this and many other places on that day. Many many thanks to both!

February 06, 2007

Invitation on letterpress




Annika of De Milo Letterpress is printing our invitation. Myung Jin 'apprenticed' for three hours.

청첩장 인쇄하기.

February 13, 2007

Civil Marriage

On the way to the LAX Courthouse. 

Waiting for the Judge to call us. 

Meeting Judge Judy.

Our wedding cake!

Just kidding...

The Judge puts on the "wedding" cassette tape.

And it's over in a flash!


Discussing the legal paperwork.

Our good friend Peter Vanttanathan was our best man + maid of honour + photographer + videographter + witness + cheerleader all rolled into one. Most of the courthouse pictures are courtesy of Peter. Thanks so much Peter!


Husband and wife photo by Peter.


All three of us, courtesy of Judge Judy.

Mission accomplished! Exiting the Courthouse with a copy of marriage certificate.

Outside the Courthouse.

Driving back to our temporary home in LA, Peter and Fiel's guest room.

Eric is happy. ;-)


Peter is smiling?


The view on the way back home. 

February 15, 2007


New York Food Company, our caterer with La Venta hosted a tasting event.


Salad station


Soup station


Eric at one of the stations.


The scene


Cake sample by New York Cake Company


We can't promise you the heart medallion cake! ;-)


Our highlight of the evening - the chocolate fountain. We can't promise this one either! ;-)

February 16, 2007

Invites on the way


On the way to LAX, Myung Jin mailed out some invitations. More to be sent out soon... So look out for the green envelope and let us know if you don't get yours within a couple of weeks.

Back in Tokyo

Myung Jin is back in Tokyo after almost 3 weeks of zipping about in Los Angeles. Much was accomplished, and some are yet to be resolved. Ramon, and Fiel & Peter so graciously provided her with home away from home during this time. Thank you so much guys!


Hand carried back on the journey was the wedding gown, double-bagged in JCrew and Nordstrom shopping bags.

February 19, 2007

Flower dress for flower girls

Our flower girls are Eric's niece Lauren, and Myung Jin's friend's daughter Nicole. We guessed their sizes and bought these dresses made of green silk and organza in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Luckily, they fit!

KICX4332cy.jpg KICX4336cy.jpg