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Despite its somewhat dubious location, or because of it, Chongiwa has become one of our favourite places to take our friends to. Last Thursday we were happy to go with Kaoru our long time friend from Temple.

Kaoru gave us a great gift, an alien detector! The alarm will sound when one comes near by!

MJ Eric show down. Not ;-)

Hope you come and check out the London art scene Kaoru!

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It had to be done

Now that we’re preparing to leave, we are more curious about some of the stuff we previously dismissed as silly.

I’m happy to say though, green tea Kit Kat won’t be something I’ll be craving for.

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Another happy/sad evening

It’s a happy occasion to see our friends but also sad to think it’ll be awhile before we meet again. Two nights ago we made our way to an Italian restaurant tucked away in the residential neighbourhood of Meguro called Trattoria della Lanterna Magica.

Yuko and Yohei.

A present! Beautiful bamboo ladle MJ is already making good use of. Thanks Yuko and Yohei~

Yumminess, and how we’ll miss eating in Tokyo, where it’s impossible to have bad food whatever the cuisine.

Yoko and beer and us.

We said our goodbyes at the Meguro station. Thanks guys for the good times and hope to see you in London~

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The A Team

Always genki forever patient Keiko and Tomoko are the super HR duo and they have been unbelievably supportive and helpful, we really could not have done without them. Really, our Tokyo life would not have been possible! Our last dinner was had at Nanbantei, Trish’s favourite yakitori place. Thank you guys for everything - we’ll really miss you.

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Ryuto is all grown up

We last saw him when he couldn’t quite sit up yet and now he walks and talks and even serves beer!

Thanks Kay and Kinchan for inviting us for homecooked yumminess. Philip, Eric and I sit down for Kay’s recreation of Yohei’s signature pasta dish, salad and mini hotdog, or as Ryuto likes to call them, so-se-ji.

Day of the Boy present from his grandparents. Nice!

Group photo.

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Ghibli, pronounced Jibli

We had reserved a Sunday afternoon ticket at the Ghibli Museum - being so popular with tourists who come visit Tokyo, we thought we’d better see it we leave.

Getting off at Kichijoji station, walking through the Inokashira Park.

It was actually more of a childrens’ theme park rather than a museum, and was filled with tons of (rightfully) rowdy kids. Oh well! The highlight of the day was seeing the Laputa robot.

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A perfect ending

Bathing time at a local onsen with seaweed hotspring water from Katsura.

Dinner of freshly caught fish at local eatery.

Adventures of a caterpillar. Back inside the dome we watched as Mr Caterpilla made his way around, literally, the globe.

By the way, no caterpillar was harmed in photographing for this post ;-)

Thank you so much Kenji for having us over! We really loved being in Nakadaki and seeing your mountain and dome - looking forward to seeing how Kenjimanjaro comes along!

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It was pretty exciting to see Kenji’s newly bought mountain. So much nature and fresh everything!

The real deal mineral water from the mountain and wild wasabi.

And fruits everywhere.

Kuro you lucky dog!

Absolutely gorgeous view of the mountains across.

Inspecting the mountain.

Kenji’s viewing chair.

Mo’ fruits and us.

At the foot of the mountain are two houses and a greenhouse plus mushrooms and flowers and chairs…

Kuro doubles as our chauffeur.

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Nakadaki outing

Last weekend we went to visit Kenji and Kuro down in Nakadaki and to stay at the dome house that he built. It was pretty amazing and a lot cozier that I thought. Waking up to red firm tomatoes and fresh dewy air was great.

Things that caught our eyes around the dome.

Hello Kuro! Kuro is a mix of Shiba and Husky.

The dome! And nature!

And off we went for a delicious and bountiful country breakfast.

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Trish and Joe dinner

A dinner long time in making with Trish and Joe, at Tahiti of the delicious Thai food and cute little 3-story building that never fails to make us envious. Could this have been our last meal here? Then we were in great company. Thanks Trish and Joe for the lovely meal and listening to our travel woes ;-)

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We’ll miss our favourite plates shop

Kohoro, tucked away in Futako Tamagawa is super cute and always has great precious stuff for cooking and dining.

What we really wanted was the entire place as our kitchen, but we settled for the four black and white ones at the bottom.

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Crepe with Atsuko

During Golden Week we met up with Atsuko - hard to believe it’s been 2 years since she left WK! On a really really nice warm spring day we went out for crepe at La Fée Delice.

It was really nice catching up with you Atsuko! Keep in touch…

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Art all around

Last Sunday we went over to the east side to check out the Hussein Chalayan show, us just having returned from Turkey and all.

On the way to the museum, children’s handmade paper noren were lined up on a temple wall.

The exhibit was riveting. His personal history and identity as misplaced Turkish person is a big factor in all his work and we were hugely inspired by how he (so consistently) took his super conceptual ideas and managed to execute them in a really beautiful and innovative way. Too bad photos weren’t allowed inside, but here are some archival images from his past collections.

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We’ll miss Taco Rice,

the humble one-dish meal of ground beef, lettuce and rice topped with runny egg, cheese, avocado, tomatoes and chips. A combination hard to beat! Our favourite is from Sunshine Studio, Harajuku.

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We’ll miss the specialty drinks

and the daintily packaged bottle they come in.

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