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April 12: And we got nothing to show for it

The most memorable of all was the last place we visited, the Chichu museum designed by Tadao Ando. Chichu, meaning inside or the middle of earth/land. Unbelievably, these are the only shots we have from there because this time we were forced to put the camera in a locker before entering the museum. The museum houses only a few selected pieces by Turrell, De Maria and Monet, and they are probably the luckiest artwork in the world. The building structure seemed to be literally built around each one of them and the rooms specifically calibrated for their display and our experience.

In Tokyo we often see of Japan’s strive for perfection in material goods and mass consumption - but here we were blown away by how it was applied to the exhibition of art. It was an incredible experience of art, culture and nature all in one, the highlight of our Japan tour so far.

On the way to the museum was a garden recreated from study of Monet’s paintings.

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