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Araki’s flowers

Nobuyoshi Araki’s “Flower of Love” show was at Rathole Gallery in Omotesando. This was the first of his flower photographs. It was taken at the hospital on January 27, 1990, the day his wife passed away. Since then he has continued to take black and white photographs of flowers. The last one was taken this year, on his wife’s death anniversary.
노부요시 아라키의 “사랑의 꽃”이라는 전시회를 보러갔다. 이 사진이 1990ë…„ 1ì›” 27일 ì•„ë‚´ê°€ 죽은 ë‚  병원에서 찍은 최초의 꽃 사진이라고 한다. 이후 계속하여 꽃을 소재로 사진을 찍었고, 마지막으로 찍은것은 올해 1ì›” 27일이라고 한다.

Not your regular elegant flower photos. A lot of his flowers are old, dried, and twisted in an almost grotesque form, and to top that off, sometimes paired with dried lizards or a mini godzilla figure. They are comical, but sad. They seem more close to life than anything out there.
우리가 보통 생각하는 “아름다운” 꽃이 아니라, 시들고 뒤틀어진 꽃 사진이 많았다. 심지어는 ì–´ë–¤ 꽃에는 마른 도마뱀이나 고질라 인형이 놓여있었다. 한편으론 웃기고, 한편으론 슬픈것이 ê¼­ 우리가 사는 모습같았다.

Together, they make a beautiful and richly textured pattern on the gallery wall.

Araki’s wife on the sign outside the gallery.

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