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Surprise cake

for Fan. Mother’s day cake was quickly converted into bday cake for Fan.

With Weiwei, Julia, Harkim, Sarah, Annie and Jasper.

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Desert home

We were able to spend a couple of days out in the desert, visiting Grandpa’s grave…

and celebrating dad’s birthday. With Tita Malu, Kristina and Ramon.

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Family visit 3: mum and Frank

Family visits always end up being too short. Mum, Frank, aunt Susan and Alyssa were in Tokyo for 3 days and Kyoto for 2 days. The last night in Tokyo was Frank’s birthday so we celebrated with dinner at our favourite Citabria.

In front of our front door… not ;-)


2-16-4 Nishi Azabu

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Day 2: Happy Birthday Eric

December 23 was Eric’s birthday. We decided to stay in Kuala Lumpur for one more day to run some errands.

We headed straight to the Petronas Towers for the best nasi lamek. We had been dreaming about this moment all year long and we weren’t disappointed.

For our second night in KL, we checked into Hotel Maya. We love Hotel Maya!

Birthday dinner was at the lovely, atmospheric, and delicious Bijan.

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Kenji’s 35th

We all gathered at Nakadaki again - this time with a bigger crowd, to celebrate Kenji’s birthday. And this time we rented a big cottage next door.

Keiko and Philip’s little Anni almost stole the show.

Kay and Kinjo’s quiet moment.

Eric’s sleepy moment.

Barbeque on the patio.

Kenji’s birthday moments.

Gino does like Eric.

Kimi’s friend Nao kindly gave us a ride back home.

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The Grand Finale

The grand finale to our first birthday as married couple was at Citabria, where we’ve been meaning to go for some time. It’s a modern (Asian-influenced) French cuisine restaurant, despite the name - Citabria (Airbatic spelled backwards) is a type of light aircraft that has propellers in the front. We are not quite getting the relevancy here… Perhaps they both make you fly? ha
결혼하고 처음 맞는 생일 - 저녁에는 시타브리아라는 프랑스 음식점에 갔다.

Eric’s dessert was Cheesecake Caprese. The red is the tomato coulis, the green is the olive oil icecream, and the white, is of course the cheese cake. Very smart, and very nicely composed.
에릭의 디저트는 치즈케이크. 이쁘게 ì •ë ¬…

Myung Jin’s dessert was Hyuganatsu sorbet with gingersnap stuffed with ricotta cheese. Hyuganatsu is a Japanese fruit that’s like a cross between orange and grapefruit. Not only was the sorbet the best sorbet ever, the bite of the gingersnap complimented the sweet sorbet really well. The best dessert!
명진의 디저트는 휴가나츠라는 (오렌지와 그레이프 프루츠 중간정도 돼는) 일본 과일 소르베

Myung Jin with dessert.
디저트와 명진.

Eric still looks tired. Myung Jin looks happy. (It was great meal ;-)
에릭은 아직도 피곤한 표정. 명진은 만족한 표정. 저녁이 근사했다. ;-)

We’ll definitely come again. Next time, with more comfortable shoes. We both chose to wear our wedding shoes this evening, and we both ended up with blistered feet!
다음에 올때는 편한 신발 신고 와야지. 이날 저녁 결혼식때 신은 신발을 신는 바람에 발이 아팠다.

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Asakusa outing

There are a cluster of temples in the Asakusa area. The biggest one is Sensoji, the temple for Bodhisattva Kannon.
아사쿠사는 절이 많기로 유명한 곳이다. 그중 관음보살을 위한 절 센소지가 가장 유명하다.

33! At Sensoji.

We couldn’t see the big buddha but gave a prayer anyways.

A little buddha in the garden of the temple next door.

Three little buddhas dressed in many layers of aprons.

Hopefully we will never grow out of silly photos.

Myung Jin becomes younger every day ;-)

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Danish brunch

We went to try out the waffle at a Danish eaterie near Eric’s work. Unfortunately, we were more impressed by the tableware than the food.

A quiet semi-outdoor patio is a rare find in Roppongi.
로퐁기같지 않게 조용한 곳.

The Royal Copenhagen Blue Flute Mega tea cup and saucer. The flower patterns of the cup and saucer align - very nice! One day we will travel to Denmark and get a set. ;-) Eric readily agrees, but then again, he doesn’t know their costs. ;-)
로얄 코펜하겐 커피잔 - 이쁘다. 덴마크가서 한 세트 사야지 ;-)

The mint leaves in the water bottle is nice touch too. But that’s not quite enough to warrant another visit…
민트잎을 띄운 물병. 와플이 그렇게 맛이없지 않으면 자주 올텐데…

Blue Flute Mega designer Karen Kjældgård-Larsen now has her own company Claydies, which makes a lot of fun ceramic stuff. Like this hair-style inspired bowl.
커피잔의 디자이너가 만든 머리모양 닮은 그릇.

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Midnight Birthday

Eric rang the bell just after midnight - he was ready with candles already lighted on the birthday cake. He had gotten home half an hour before but had waited outside because apparently it is bad luck to wish happy birthday before the actual day!
11ì‹œ 반에 퇴근한 에릭. 그런데 12시가 지날때까지 생일 케이크를 들고 문 밖에서 기다렸다. 누가 생일 날짜 이전에 축하를 하는건 불길하다고 했다나…

The cake. We will wait until the morning to taste it.
메세지가 써진 케이크. 내일 아침에 먹기로 했다.

He also got some cute plants. The roundy looking ones are called “green necklace”.
케이크말고도 아기자기한 화분도 들고 왔다. 왼쪽에 동글동글하게 생긴 ê±´ “초록색 목걸이”라고 한다.

We both look really tired… It’s been a tough week for Eric. Myung Jin is just puffy ;-)
피곤해 보이는 우리. 에릭은 이번주 내내 정말 바빴다. 명진은 그냥 부었고 ;-)

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Nakadaki yummies from Kinjochan

Fish from a special river - forget which.
일본 어느 강에만 잡히는 굉장히 ì‹ ì„ í•œ 생선이라했는데 ê°• 이름도 생선 이름도 잊어버렸다. 생선이 머리에 좋다는건 다 거짓말인가… ;-P

Salted, skewered and on grill.
소금치고 창에 꽂아서 그릴에 얺다.

You eat it whole - head and guts and all. Guts were a little bitter.
통째로 먹는다. 머리와 내장까지. 내장은 맛이 좀 썼다.

Cake envy ;-)
생일 케이크.

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Nakadaki adventure

Kenji graciously invited us all to his cabin in the mountains for Kimi’s birthday. Nakadaki is 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours away from Tokyo, depending on which kind of train you take. We were lucky enough to spend the night there. What a beautiful break from the city.
친구 키미의 생일파티를 위해 모두 켄지의 산속 오두막에 갔다. 동경에서 1시간 반에서 2시간 반 정도 떨어진 나카다키라는 곳으로.

Next door neighbour Keiko gate crashes our party with her husband’s photo album. She is so sweet and makes great miso dippings! (I want her recipe….)
옆집 아줌마 케이코가 남편 사진 앨범을 들고 와서 자랑을… 하하

Birthday cake flew in from Vienna - for real!
비엔나로부터 주문한다는 쵸코렛 케이크! 마리앙또아넷이 먹던 케이크 레시피를 그대로 따른다나…

Reggae look by Eric and Gino.
에릭과 지노는 레게 바람이.

Myung Jin strikes a pose in front of birthday sign.
축생일 사인 앞에 선 명진.

Eric and Kenji at the patio.
오 두막 앞에 작은 파티오에서.

Countryside view is similar to Korea, but neater.
시골풍경은 한국과 비슷한 가운데 약간 더 정돈되어 있는 느낌.

Kenji’s cottage is so cute!
아담한 사이즈의 켄지 오두막.

Surrounded by greens.
숲으로 둘러싸여있다.

Inside the cabin is very cosy.
오두막 안.

The chandelier!
촌스럽지만 왠지 어울리는 조명. 디스코볼까지…

Nice view of patio.
귀여운 파티오.

The ocean is only few minutes away. There were many surfers, all in wet suit.
해변이 바로 옆이다. 아직 쌀쌀한 날씨에도 불구하고 서퍼들이 많았다.

Kenji, Myung Jin, and Eric.
켄지, 명진, 에릭.

The lighthouse.

Chojamachi station is the closest train station.
제일 가까운 시골역. 작지만 반듯하게 모든 것이 갖추어져있다.

We upgraded to “green car” on the way back.
돌아오는 길.

Eric with moustache?? Found on subway.
지하철에서 발견한 광고. 에릭이 수염을 기르면 이렇게?

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