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Fluff and still life

After a long line and a rush to ATM for the entrance fee, I made it into the super-crowded Design Tide exhibit.

Interesting cloud formation inside…

Of the many clever gadgets and smart design products, something not quite useful and very hand-made stood out the most. A silk-screened roll of fabric titled “Still Life” by Yuji Mizuta. Absolutely gorgeous and the details were unbelievable. The silk screen pigments were actually quite textured and some felt like very fine lines of velvet. I would totally hang it as art.


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Family visit 2: mum and dad

My parents were here for a very short visit but lots of yummy food. The first night we went out for the giant udon in Roppongi. Super fresh!

Roppongi 3-14-12

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Catch that show

Today was the last day of the Turner Prize show at Mori Museum.

There’s our house! From the 52nd floor of Mori Building.

Louise Bourgeois’ Maman from below.

_Keitai cam

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Roppongi Hills Christmas

Looks a little eerie… it could be the combination of giant spider and little red lights.

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Urban nature

Hidden behind the tall buildings of Tokyo Midtown is a nice surprise in the heart of Roppongi; an urban oasis complete with grass you can actually step on (which in Tokyo is not easy to come by!), fountains, outdoor food stalls, mini basketball court, designer children’s playground, landscaped rocks and pond, and many places to sit and take a nap. Part of the grand scheme of all-in-one-package that is Tokyo Midtown, it is just as well thought out as the building interior. It’s nature made for Tokyoites and we thoroughly enjoyed it ;-)

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Rooftop with a view

Last Friday was a party for Kay who is leaving Wieden at the end of the month. Claudia’s apartment rooftop has an amazing view overlooking Roppongi.

The one on the left is Tokyo Midtown, the one on the right is Roppongi Hills.

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Summer in Tokyo Midtown

The newly opened Tokyo Midtown - a complex of malls, offices, residences, hotels, galleries, etc - is a very good place to be on these sweltering days and nights. Not only are they quite elegant and far more pleasing to the eye than the neighbouring Roppongi Hills, their air-conditioning systems is much superior - not too cold, not too hot, and very consistent! ;-)

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Danish brunch

We went to try out the waffle at a Danish eaterie near Eric’s work. Unfortunately, we were more impressed by the tableware than the food.

A quiet semi-outdoor patio is a rare find in Roppongi.
로퐁기같지 않게 조용한 곳.

The Royal Copenhagen Blue Flute Mega tea cup and saucer. The flower patterns of the cup and saucer align - very nice! One day we will travel to Denmark and get a set. ;-) Eric readily agrees, but then again, he doesn’t know their costs. ;-)
로얄 코펜하겐 커피잔 - 이쁘다. 덴마크가서 한 세트 사야지 ;-)

The mint leaves in the water bottle is nice touch too. But that’s not quite enough to warrant another visit…
민트잎을 띄운 물병. 와플이 그렇게 맛이없지 않으면 자주 올텐데…

Blue Flute Mega designer Karen Kjældgård-Larsen now has her own company Claydies, which makes a lot of fun ceramic stuff. Like this hair-style inspired bowl.
커피잔의 디자이너가 만든 머리모양 닮은 그릇.

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Tokyo City View

The ticket to the Mori Art Museum in Mori Tower gives you access to panoramic view of the city of Tokyo on the 52th floor.
모리 타워의 모리 미술관 입장권을 사면 52층에 있는 동경 시내를 볼 수 있는 파노라마 전망대에 갈수 있다.

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Cabanon Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier show is on at the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills. It is quite comprehensive, starting from his early oil paintings and Purist arts, some samples of his furniture, and many architecture models. But the most special thing about the show was the full-scale reproduction of interiors that you can walk in and browse about. It is all the more remarkable when the museum is on the 54th floor of the Mori Tower. One was of his Paris studio, one was of a model of a 2-story apartment unit in Unité d’Habitation de Marseille, and the last one was of his summer house in Roquebrune Cap Martin in the south of France.
르 코르부지에 전시회를 보러 로퐁기 힐즈의 모리 미술관에 갔다. 모리 타워의 54층에 있는 미술관이다. 르 코르부지에 초기의 회화와 조각도 있었고, 이후에 디자인한 가구 샘플들도 있었고, 건축 모델들은 정말 많았다. 가장 인상깊었던 것은 일대일 크기로 제작한 인테리어 세개. 아파트 모델 하우스 같이 안에 들어가서 둘러볼수도 있게 되어있다. 하나는 파리의 작업실, 하나는 마르세이유의 아파트, 마지막은 프랑스 남부지방의 작은 오두막집 별장이었다.

It is hard to imagine Le Corbusier, the father of modern architecture (for better or worse), living inside a wood cabin, let alone build one. He was a man who designed the most famous (and infamous) modern architecture; the beautiful white villas, the sculptural churches in the French countryside, the multi-unit apartment buildings, and even planned a whole city in India. But he built Cabanon Le Corbusier, as it is called, for his wife’s birthday gift. It is exactly 3.66m x 3.66m. 3.66m is the length of 6-foot man with hand stretched, and is the minimum width of housing according to his Module theory. The furnishings are bare minimum; just a bed, a table, some stools, a wash basin, a toilet, and some cabinets for storage. Yes, they’re all Le Corbusier-designed by default, but they are pretty humble.
근대 건축의 아버지라 불리는 르 코르부지에는 근대 건축사에 남는 많은 유명 건축물을 지었다. 파리 근교의 아름다운 흰색 별장, 프랑스 시골의 조각적인 교회, 노동자를 위한 대규모 아파트를 지었으며, 인디아의 한 도시 전체를 계획하기도 했다. 그와 나무로 만든 오두막집은 정말 어울리지 않는다. 그런데 정확하게 가로 세로 3.66미터의 아담한 이 오두막집은 아내에게 선물하기 위해 지었다고 한다.

He came back here year after year for summer and Christmas holidays even after the death of his wife. He died here, of heart attack while swimming in the sea.

Perhaps this feels more poignant because of our current obsession with space - searching for a bigger place to live in, and in Tokyo that’s not an easy thing. Or because we were just at Kenji’s own little cottage in the mountains. But there is something about being away from the city and surrounded by nature, that is deeply satisfying and renders moot all our usual material attachments.

Perhaps the conclusion here is that we all need a small cottage in the countryside! Even Le Corbusier who once said “A house is machine for living” had one. ;-)

Haven is found in nature and the company you keep.

그는 매년 여름과 크리스마스를 여기서 보냈으며, 여기서 여생을 마쳤다. 우리가 최근 동경에서 좀 더 넓은 아파트를 구하고 있어서 그런지, 아니면 켄지의 산속의 오두막집에 갔다와서 그런지, 이렇게 작고 소박한 곳이 더 가슴에 와 닿는다. 도시를 벗어나서 자연에 둘러싸이는 것은 왠지 만족스럽고 우리로 하여금 물질적인 집착에서 벗어나게금 하는것 같다. 어쩌면 여기서의 결론은 우리 모두 시골의 작은 오두막집이 필요하다는 것일지도 모른다 ;-) 가장 훌륭한 안식처는 자연과 주위의 사람들이 아닐까.

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