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One of our favourite place to shop is Morita on Kotto Dori. The friendly and knowledgeable Mrs Morita (often clad in CdG) keeps the shop and her husband travels around Japan, China, Korea, India, Indonesia and Turkey to buy traditional textiles. We’re always impressed (and made jealous ;-) by their impeccable taste and gorgeously curated shop. Over the weekend we dropped by to say good-bye, but we’ll be back for sure.

Bottom of a quilted pouch used to carry light cloth perhaps.

We picked out some summery fabric scraps.

They’ve started carrying other antique goods.

It’s such a treat to browse.

5-12-2 Minami Aoyama

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We’ll miss our favourite plates shop

Kohoro, tucked away in Futako Tamagawa is super cute and always has great precious stuff for cooking and dining.

What we really wanted was the entire place as our kitchen, but we settled for the four black and white ones at the bottom.

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Kyobashi stationary store

Eric has been telling me about his friends Yuri and Mike’s stationary store for the longest time. Whenever we’d see their Postalco products around, which is quite often, he would mention their store on the 4th floor of a Ginza building. So last weekend we finally made it there. It was actually in Kyobashi area just north of Ginza.

Even if they were not friends, we would have been a fan of their classic/modern stationary sets and colorful leather trimmed pouches. They make me want to write letters, the real kinds with pen on paper.

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Daigo’s shop

Our day trip to Akiruno ended with a visit to Daigo’s shop, and what a shop. We had never seen anything like it. If you can be enchanted by a shop, this would be it.

The things he sold. Some are handmade by his wife and some are from his personal collection, like the 7-11 paper bags he picked up from this European travels!

You can do no less than illustrated socks to go with those pants.

And we all sat down to have tea with Daigo, his wife and their catering business partner.

The end of a memorable day.

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Nice bowls

At the gallery was Ryoto Aoki’s ceramic show.

That’s him in the turban - and the bowls we came home with.

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May 4: Too much fun at the fabric shop

Continuing with the Tour de japon posts…

The streets of old town Takayama was full of antique and traditional crafts shops which made Eric deliriously happy. One of the most memorable experience was at the Hida Sashiko, an indigo-dye fabric goods shop run by three generations of a family. The fabrics are actually from Kyoto, but the beautiful hand embroidery are done in Takayama.

The one that Eric wanted most was the giant furoshiki fabric that had been hanging in the store for years and years. The owner (understandably) refused to sell. His son, a more business-minded, English-speaking, Michigan-educated young man told us to come back in 15 years time when he is in charge!

The owner’s son and the grandmother invited us to the back where they laid out some beautifully stitched antique indigo fabric work for us.

We asked for her recommendation.

The seamstress fixes the stitching on our furoshiki.

New stitching on old fabric.

The family and the store front. They were lamenting that the Japanese people don’t care about handicraft anymore, but that’s not quite true. The number may be not as much as they would like, but in our travels we were constantly impressed by the pride, care and interest in preserving and developing the traditional crafts in Japan.

Hida Sashiko, Takayama

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May 3: After dusk shopping

Browsing the few antique stores that were open late…

Eric goes for those little soba broth bowls at another store.

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Tortoise after dark

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The new luxury mall in town

We were at Gyre’s opening last Thursday.

Fiel takes a photo with her iPhone.

Eric at the rooftop with orange glow.

Claudia at the rooftop with purple glow.

Four floors of Gyre.

Margiela store.

Wooden sake cups with Gyre logo.

Chocolate by Bulgari!

Nice display at the basement food store.

Jams jams jams!

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