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Another old villa

I’ve read that Atami is a has-been resort town, and perhaps there is some truth in that… Just by skimming through the town (like we did) it doesn’t score so high on the charm meter. We were mainly there for Kiunkaku, another fancy villa from the eras past. Built by a successful businessman around the turn of the century, in the 40s it was turned into ryokan and many famous Japanese authors came to stay here. Hence the rooms they had occupied were turned into mini-museums. It was interesting to say the least, to see the mix and match of Japanese and British architecture, plus a Roman bath! Could it be the birth place of post-modern interior design in Japan, haha. A buddhist sculpture above a western style fireplace! A little absurd by today’s standards I thought, but I’m not sure if that’s a popular view point here. Definitely, wealthy people’s propensity for the European style runs deep here. And they do go all out - the quality was still amazing even after 100 years.

Around Atami.

On a whim we tried a local hotspring bathhouse. It is perhaps the spookiest bathhouse I’ve tried yet. But it felt good to dip in after a sweltering day.

After searching for places to eat….

we ended up with McD!

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We made an unexpected stop

at Mishima and before changing to an Atami-bound train, and decided to see what was around the station.

Rakujuen, as it turns out, is a villa built by a Japanese prince in 1890.

A little neighbourhood water park - a perfect place to be on a dog day summer afternoon.

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Eric on holiday


Summer onsen

This past weekend we thought we would check out the Izu peninsula, a popular onsen destination from Tokyo. I picked Shirakabeso ryokan in the Yugashima onsen area. It was a little tricky to get to, via two trains, one bus, and pickup from the bus stop, but well worth it.

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