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On our way out

We took the superfast Megalev train to the Pudong airport.

At the airport.

By the way, Air China seats don’t recline…

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Last minute dinner guests

That would be us. Fan’s boss Roland invited us to his cozy house dinner for a nice home cooked meal and even nicer company.

It felt like we’ve been living there for a long time.

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Art overload

Fan took us to Moganshan lu, an area jam packed full of warehouses-turned-art-galleries. Amidst the popular searching-for-identity theme and critique-on-consumerism theme, one gallery we went to was perhaps the most overtly political and the most impressive.

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Surprise cake

for Fan. Mother’s day cake was quickly converted into bday cake for Fan.

With Weiwei, Julia, Harkim, Sarah, Annie and Jasper.

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Back from Shanghai

We’re very very behind on the blog posting - which we still hope to get to one of these days - but for now, our most recent trip. Shanghai was HOT, in all sense of the word.

Swine flu scare was everywhere at the airport.

So full of buildings.

Eric lectured at the WK Shanghai office.

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