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Kyobashi stationary store

Eric has been telling me about his friends Yuri and Mike’s stationary store for the longest time. Whenever we’d see their Postalco products around, which is quite often, he would mention their store on the 4th floor of a Ginza building. So last weekend we finally made it there. It was actually in Kyobashi area just north of Ginza.

Even if they were not friends, we would have been a fan of their classic/modern stationary sets and colorful leather trimmed pouches. They make me want to write letters, the real kinds with pen on paper.

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Fluff and still life

After a long line and a rush to ATM for the entrance fee, I made it into the super-crowded Design Tide exhibit.

Interesting cloud formation inside…

Of the many clever gadgets and smart design products, something not quite useful and very hand-made stood out the most. A silk-screened roll of fabric titled “Still Life” by Yuji Mizuta. Absolutely gorgeous and the details were unbelievable. The silk screen pigments were actually quite textured and some felt like very fine lines of velvet. I would totally hang it as art.


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An ongoing project

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Groupies that we are

Eric gave a lecture at the High5 Design Conference yesterday. The highlight of our evening however, was meeting fellow speaker and design rockstar Stefan Sagmeister. We got our books signed too - both of them ;-)

Train ride back to Tokyo with our man, Chris and the incredible Lina with 5 inch wedge heels.

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Post-lecture dinner


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Ed and the big O

Ed Fella’s studio at CalArts.

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CalArts lecture

CalArts students made some very cool silk screen posters for Eric’s lecture.

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TokyoTen in LA

Last Saturday was the opening of TokyoTen show at the Nucleus Gallery. We had a great fun meeting old friends and making new friends. Thanks all for coming!

Gallery Nucleus

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