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Kyobashi stationary store

Eric has been telling me about his friends Yuri and Mike’s stationary store for the longest time. Whenever we’d see their Postalco products around, which is quite often, he would mention their store on the 4th floor of a Ginza building. So last weekend we finally made it there. It was actually in Kyobashi area just north of Ginza.

Even if they were not friends, we would have been a fan of their classic/modern stationary sets and colorful leather trimmed pouches. They make me want to write letters, the real kinds with pen on paper.

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Last December both of us put up exhibitions in Tokyo. Eric’s was WK Tokyo’s OYKOT show at the Ginza Graphic Gallery.

All Wieden staff laboured (some literally) to make the show happen.

The opening was so packed it was hard to breathe let alone take photos!

More here at the WK Tokyo website.

After the opening, WK TokyoLab artist Jemapur performed at the Apple Store in Ginza and Eric interviewed the music video director Kosai Sakine.

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Ginza outing last weekend

Dropped by the ggg gallery to see the MM Paris exhibit. Giant-size posters were just gorgeous. I did not dig the distracting wallpaper but Eric liked them.

Dinner at an South Indian restaurant with their humongous nan. South Indian cuisine is definitely quite different from our usual curry fair. Dharmasagara

A walk through the Tsukiji market area. There were still a few sushi eateries open, but mostly quite subdued. Very different vibe from the day time.

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Illicit videos

Yesterday I went to see the excellent Yugo Nakamura “Now Updating…” show at the ggg Gallery. First floor was the interactive gallery which was great fun, and the basement was the demonstration video gallery. The work and installation were both super smart and compelling - stuff made for digital nerd heaven. Quite emotive too - all videos move according to the beep of the clock, and every minute or so all screen in the room collectively turn blank, then pink, then green, and then back to whatever they were doing. Here are the few videos I managed to capture before an attendant stopped me…

Exhibition archive is here.

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