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HK Day 4: Brunch and snack

The last day in Hong Kong was all about eats…

The day started off with brunch at the Goldfinch Restaurant. The food was as old fashioned as the restaurant itself, but who cares when Wang Kar Wai comes here to eat and shoot In the Mood for Love and 2046.

Goldfinch Restaurant
13-15 Lanfong Rd., Causeway Bay

It felt like we were in Paris! or even better, Paris as Hong Kong does it. Agnes b’s eaterie, a spot of peacefulness in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.

Le Pain Grillé
111 Leighton Rd., Causeway Bay

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HK Day 4: Snack and dinner

Sweets before dinner. Just a hole in a wall in Causeway Bay, but delicious.

Reunion dinner with Eric’s former interns Helen and Perry. Perry was about to leave for Shanghai, Helen comes to Tokyo to shop. Flower Trump Restaurant in Central

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HK Day 3: Macau

A whirlwind day trip to Macau from HK. Last February.

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HK Day 1: Victoria Peak

Chilly, but gorgeous up there. Hong Kong looks like jewelry box.

Another double decker ride, on the way back down to the city.

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HK Day 1: Robinson Road

We did a little nostalgic pilgrimage and went to see where Myung Jin used to live 30 years ago.

The amazing city escalator cuts through the winding road and takes you uphill in no time. No such thing back then. It would have made my dad’s commute to Central so much easier…

Our old apartment is long gone of course. Around the spot where it used to stand.

Across the road is a new luxury apartment being built.

The area is so choke full of super high rise buildings, it feels claustrophobic even though you are outside.

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HK Day 1: Street scenes

Walking around Central…

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HK Day 1: Luk Yu

Eric was shooting for Kumon in Hong Kong last February. I went over to join him on the last day of the shoot, and we made a long weekend break out of it. So many friends recommended this dimsum place, we got on our little double decker and headed straight there as soon as we had the chance. Indeed, they had the best pork buns ever! I miss them so…

Luk Yu Tea House
24-26 Stanley St.

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HK Nike campaign

More of Eric’s Nike Women’s campaign found in HK subway. They looked more dramatic, back lit.

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Better late than never: HK Day 2

From our Hong Kong travel back in February.

Eric’s Nike campaign was all over the city. From the double decker.

Lunch at Yung Kee. Barbeque pork buns to die for.

Somehow we always end up riding the cable car. Lantau big buddha.


It took us two tries to find this place but we’re glad we did. There’s no need to order - they only serve the multi-course menu of the evening. It was like being a guest to someone’s (excellent) home cooking.

Yellow Door

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