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Radiohead in Saitama

From last weekend. Was fun!

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The rowdiest Japanese people we’ve ever encountered happened to be our neighbour at the Radiohead concert, stepping on our toes and screeching “YO-OKU-SAN!!!” into our ears… Fortunately they all rushed forward once the band members appeared on stage, we were able to enjoy the concert with relatively normal sounding screams. It was all very rock-n-roll in a traditional sense, which surprised us somewhat. I guess in this day and age we just auto-pilot into expecting cool electronic gimmicks and stunning visual effects, but to our (happy) surprise, this gig was all about the performance. It was pretty amazing how the vocal was pitch perfect throughout and everything sounded even better live than on the recorded CDs. Neither of us are die-hard fans or anything like that, but what a terrific, terrific performance.

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WK Tokyo Lab extravaganza

No event is complete without those congratulatory flower arrangements.

Chinza Dopeness raps Nippon-style.

Afra and his beatboxing crew. Live VJing by the Lab peeps.

Hifana does a “best of”. Chinza Dopeness joins them at one point.

DJ Uppercut finishes off the eventful evening.

Hard to say goodbye.

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Jemapur steals the show

Thursday night was the Tokyo Lab bash at the Liquid Room down at Ebisu. It was a chance to see most of the Lab’s artists under one roof, performing one after another. It was a feast for the eyes and the ears!

Jemapur, the latest artist to join the team, went first. He deftly worked up the crowd in his unassuming way and the LED + projection visuals were amazing. The best looking show for sure.

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Tokyo Ten Opening

Last Friday was Eric’s exhibition opening at Claska Gallery. WK Tokyo Lab is now 5 years and 10 releases. It was cool to see past 5 years’ work in one space and have everyone around to celebrate it. Claska was a great venue with lots of charm, and the party could not have been more colorful - work-wise and people-wise.

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Sebastien Serendipitous


One year ago Myung Jin walked down the aisle to Sebastien Tellier’s La ritournelle. On the morning of our anniversary Eric received an email about an impromptu (invitation-only) Sebastien Tellier event at Le Baron Tokyo. He quickly put our names on the guest list and we got to hear him play our wedding song! What a nice coincidence. We could not have asked for a better anniversary present.

We imagine our friend Sun looking like this in 30 years. Sun - are you reading this? He was wearing your sunglasses ;-) And pink cashmere sweater. But that’s optional.

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Fuji Rock

Eric rocks out to The Cure at Fuji Rock.

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