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Dog days of summer

or not… Re-discovered while going through photos from Langkawi. Such a peaceful looking kitty.

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Day 15: Back to KL for the last day and thus concludes our Grand Malaysian Tour

It was an eye-opening, mouth-watering adventure to say the least! Looking back (5 months later), KL had the cosmopolitan glamour, Malacca had the prettiest facades, Cameron Highlands had the coolest un-airconditioned breeze, Georgetown had the historical gravitas, and Langkawi Island had nature galore. Our favourite, it must be said, is Georgetown, for the those baba nonya meals were the highlight of our trip. Yes, forget all those temples and sharks - it was that good!

We met up with our friend Izu and his kids at Central Market, KL. Central Market is a great spot for browsing Malaysian handicrafts. Here’s us toasting with not beer, but sweet Malaysian milk tea.

Our last meal at the atmospheric Old China Cafe, an oasis of calm in the hectic city. The last photos.

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Day 14: Cable car ride

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Day 14: Where Eric goes

the Laptop goes, the Langkawi Island included.

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Day 13: Swim with the sharks

Yes we did, with baby sharks!

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Day 12: Bats and eagles

On Kilim River tour

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Day 11: Firefly to Langkawi Island

Langkawi Island was our last leg of the grand Malaysia tour. We were at first planning to drive from Georgetown, but found out that cars need to go through inspection in order to enter the island and that takes a few days. Firefly, the local air transportation was not a bad option.

When we were taking photos we noticed the blurry edges and thought they were out of focus, but they’re not! It’s the strange haze in the island sunlight.

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Day 10: The first day of the year

Funicular ride up to the Penang Hill


Afternoon tea at the top

View of Georgetown at dusk

On the way down

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Day 10: China Town of Georgetown

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Day 10: Every inch of the wall

Just about every inch of the surface was covered with something golden and glitzy inside the Koo Kongsi, the temple built by the Koo clans from the southern China. And this is the moderate version they built after the first one burnt down on the day it was completed!

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Day 9: The best meal in the world

Lonely Planet knows what they’re talking about. We braved driving the maze(or one-way roads) of Georgetown to find Nonya Baba Cuisine on Nagore Road and it led us to the best meal we’ve ever had on our travels. The Curry Kapitan chicken, the Hongbak pork, and the Otak-Otak fish were all excellent but the most outstanding was the simple potato plant sauteed in shrimp paste. Eric gave his thumbs up to the Cendol dessert. And you know about Eric and his Cendol! A great way to end the year 2007. When we went back for more the next day, the stoic but kind daughter/ mother-in-law team determined our menu based on what we had the previous day.


Nonya Baba Cuisine
44 Jalan Nagore

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Day 8: The Blue Mansion

Now back to our Malaysia trip many many months ago… The blue Cheong Fatt Ze Mansion, pride of Georgetown, was pretty gorgeous and shimmering in Chinese/Malay opulence (or at least what’s left on the structure since the furnitures are long gone). Given how meltingly hot it was even in December, blue was probably the right choice. Eric became disproportionately attached to the history of this mansion; apparently CFZ had many houses in many cities throughout Asia, and in each house installed a new wife and family. This particular one was built for the 7th and favourite wife. He willed it so it couldn’t be sold off until their youngest son died and that’s how the house survived pretty much intact.


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Day 7: Arriving in Georgetown

We left the highlands for the island of Penang where we stayed 5 days.

Cars drive British style in Malaysia.

Carrying our major purchase of the trip - the wooden fabric hangers - in the back seat.

Crossing the somewhat chaotic bridge to the Penang Island.

View of Georgetown from the bridge.

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Day 6: Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands was all about inhaling the freshest and coolest air in Malaysia, drinking their Boh tea, and just generally being surrounded by greenery.

Sunset from hotel.

Honeycombs are sold by the block at the night market.

There’s something mesmerizing about the windy curves of the tea plantation.

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Day 4: Malacca streets

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