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Uncle, rest in peace.

2009 August 23rd.

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Hwa Jung

My cousin Hwa Jung is getting married in a couple of weeks. The Song cousins got together yesterday to welcome the new family member Mr Park.

The soon-to-be married couple.

Soon Yi the teacher jumps in.

Moon Gu the doctor-in-training is stymied by the digital camera.

Baby Ji Min.

Ki Hoon and family.

The baby makes the rounds.

All of us and the aftermath.

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Taek’s wedding: End of the day

And it was over too soon.

Taek and I.


Dad and family.

Dad and I.

Taek’s invite.

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Taek’s wedding: Photo, photo

Unofficial wedding photos by Eric.

Taek and bride.

Taek and his impressive army of friends.

Dad being melancholic.

The happy parents.

Meeting the grandmother.

Probably the one and only time I will wear hanbok. Hence so many photos…

We seiged the stage for our own impromtu photo sessions.

With mum.

My aunts and grandmother in hanbok.

Eric’s favourite uncle.

The grandmother.

The cousins.

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Taek’s wedding: The vows

Mums lit the candles at the beginning of the ceremony.

The two mums bow.

Ever the iconoclast, Taek walked to the theme music of 007.

The bride enters in a more traditional way.

Parents look on as Taek and Jung Sun take the vows.

Korean Pansori by Taek’s friend.

Big bow to the parents.

Husband and wife at last!

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Taek’s wedding: The day-of

Taek and Jung sun got married on June 17th!

Getting ready on the big day.

The wedding hall.

Congratulatory flowers were delivered.

Family arrived first.

Greeting the guests.

Lots of suits. Altogether there were 600 guests.

Guests sign up.

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A very happy news

Myung Jin’s not-so-little-anymore brother Taek is getting hitched on June 17th! The lovely bride is Jung Sun whom he met at a game conference - working, not playing. The wedding is in June but the couple went ahead with an early photo session.

Taek, the bride, and his Harley. Big congrats~

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Mama and Lolo

Scanned at Tita Gangging’s before we left Manila.

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DEC 28: Back in Manila

The best breakfast.

The chandelier that replaced the one Eric dropped by running on the roof.

Eric about to get his nails polished.

Three sisters with new hair cut and halo halos.

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DEC 25: Christmans lunch

Another tradition is the lunch with the extended family on Christmas day. We went to visit Tita Mely and her family.

With all three aunts from the Garcia clan.

What a feast!

Eric’s godmother Tita Viva and her excellent Brasso de Mercedes.

Some more photos from the garden…

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DEC 24: Christmas dinner

A special second dinner in at midnight is a Christmas tradition in the Philippines! Ours ended up an hour late at 1 AM but we still ate! It was a lot of fun. I think most of our fun memories are of eating. All the girls chipped in and made their special dish for the meal. Men helped with eating ;-) With Tita Gangging, Kathy, Geraldine, Jenny and JB.

Our hosts Tito Jo and Tita Gangging. Thanks so much for having us there.

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DEC 24: Christmas cake

Myung Jin played assistant to Tita Gangging’s annual Christmas chocolate cake baking. Check out the Santa apron!

Cake was REALLY good! We’re gonna get the recipe if we ever get a kitchen.

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DEC 24: Christmas shopping

We shopped for barongs and pearls at the Green Hills Market. So much fun!

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DEC 23: Sonya’s cottages

Who knew hidden in the heart of the Philippines is a scene straight out of England - actually, the tropical version of the English B&B. Not that you can tell by the weather. For some reason, we got the chill treatment by the Philippines weather throughout our stay there.

Tita Gangging made us laugh! (Ask her how ;-)

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DEC 23: Trip to Sonya’s

After visiting Mama, Tita Lee took us and Tita Gangging to Sonya’s Garden. We highly recommend it for getting fresh air, fresh salad and ogling at pretty cottages.

Sonya’s Garden
Tagaytay, Philippines

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