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Karin and Arjan’s wedding

Very sweet and full of happy Karin.

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Desert home

We were able to spend a couple of days out in the desert, visiting Grandpa’s grave…

and celebrating dad’s birthday. With Tita Malu, Kristina and Ramon.

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Post-lecture dinner


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Ed and the big O

Ed Fella’s studio at CalArts.

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CalArts lecture

CalArts students made some very cool silk screen posters for Eric’s lecture.

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Hanging out with Heng and family

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Hanging out with brother Ramon

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I dream of oinkies

After the TokyoTen LA opening those of us who were still around went to this amazing pork eaterie in K-town. We don’t know which was better - the incredible mother of all pork grill or the ingenious pig lighter. We ordered the “honey pig” BBQ which came with unlimited supply of homemade kimchi and bean sprouts to grill along, salad and lettuce wraps. Thanks to Christmas for taking us there.

Honey Pig
3400 W 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005

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TokyoTen in LA

Last Saturday was the opening of TokyoTen show at the Nucleus Gallery. We had a great fun meeting old friends and making new friends. Thanks all for coming!

Gallery Nucleus

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The lovely Oceana was our home from November 2 to December 8. Now that we are back in Tokyo we miss stepping out of the house into the hues of blues and greens.

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Foggy Santa Monica

It was strangely foggy and windy but Keiko and Myung Jin still went up the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier and had a grand time. We didn’t get the view but much drama instead.

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Sunny Lily’s

Basking in LA’s December ray was the nursery behind Lily’s of Abbot Kinney.

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Excellent pho

On the way back from Apple Valley we stopped by a nameless Vietnamese restaurant that was all white interior and full of Silverlake hipsters. Everything was delicious.

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Apple Valley bowling

It was fun to bowl!

Ramon with a killer curve ball.

Hooded Kristina.


Headless Eric.

Ghostly Myung Jin.

The Cruz siblings.

Our dismal scores.

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Apple Valley sky

Enroute to Eric’s dad’s home in Apple Valley.

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