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Heng at Gogyo

Wearing bibs to protect from the Kogashi miso ramen.

Mascarpone, an unlikely dessert for a ramen place.

Nishi-Azabu 1-4-36

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Family visit 3: mum and Frank

Family visits always end up being too short. Mum, Frank, aunt Susan and Alyssa were in Tokyo for 3 days and Kyoto for 2 days. The last night in Tokyo was Frank’s birthday so we celebrated with dinner at our favourite Citabria.

In front of our front door… not ;-)


2-16-4 Nishi Azabu

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Ori Higashiya

One place we keep talking about going back is this tea house we found 2 months ago while taking a walk around our neighbourhood (ie. getting lost)… The tea, the sweets, all that ceremony, the hushed conversation, it was so calm and magically civilized. Roppongi was far, far away…

It all started with an unassuming looking box.

Turns out, full of yummys. Tea lady explains.

Our picks.

Tea lady makes our tea.

Pours for us.

Freshest green tea ever! Very intense.

Tea lady mans the tea house like a bartender.

The tea shop.

Nishi Azabu 3-16-28

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Pork extravaganza

Even more international visitors from last weekend; Paul from LA and Lisa from London. We tried out Butagumi where they offer donkatsu made with pork from different breed of pigs from different regions of Japan, plus the Iberian pig of Spain.

The sampler plate comes with little flags that indicate which kind they are.

Each one has their own plate of donkatsu, mound of julienned cabbage, and bowl of white rice.

This donkatsu place wins for the best restroom decor. Inside is as pretty as the outside.

In front of the restaurant entrance with Kenji, Myung Jin, Lisa, Paul, and Eric.

Nishi Azabu 2-24-9

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