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Empty house

Or almost empty. Just a futon, a chair, some plants and some boxes left.

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It’s been a while

and we’ve been around a lot in the last 6 months. We took a 2-week trip around northern Vietnam in the fall, spent almost a month with our family in LA and Washington over Christmas/New Year, and we’re just back from the 2-month-long El Tour Grande. In our travels around the world, we had many adventures seeing new sights and experiencing unfamiliar cultures, in our stay in US, we savoured spending time with familiar faces that we don’t see often enough, and now we’re back with even deeper appreciation for Tokyo and our home.

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Dahlias in da house

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Autumn dusk

A particularly bright one a couple of days ago. The weather is warm, cool, dry, wet, sunny and grey all in one these days.

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It’s officially August now. It’s not as bad as last summer yet. I can still catch a breeze now and then. Hopefully it will stay this way.

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Orchid and the unmade bed

Bought some giant size orchids yesterday from the newly renovated neighbourhood flower shop. Thought it is a good chance to test out the Canon G9. It finds light where there is none - amazing.

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Tokyo dusk

View from our apartment at dusk.

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Aloe Scissorhands

Eric claims that this is Aloe plant… Myung Jin has her doubts ;-P

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Wedding photos

The “official” wedding photos can be seen here!

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Green Necklace

One of our two Green Necklace plants is dying… Perhaps it had too much water? Kenji had said this is the simpliest plant - just stick it in any soil and it will grow. Perhaps it doesn’t like the air in the house? We couldn’t find anything on the web about how to care for it. It must go by some other name than Green Necklace.
초록 목걸이 화분 두개 중에 하나가 죽어가고 있다. 물을 너무 많이 줘서 그런가. 우리집 공기가 마음에 안 들어서 그런가. 열심히 웹사이트를 찾아봐도 어떻게 돌봐야하는지 나오지를 않는것이, 초록 목걸이가 아닌 아마 다른 이름이 있는것 같다.

The dying one. We even sprinkled some ground coffee. 죽어가는 화분. 다 쓴 커피가 화분에 좋다고 그래서 위에 조금 뿌려주었다.

The (so far) healthy one. 잘 크는 화분.

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Midnight Birthday

Eric rang the bell just after midnight - he was ready with candles already lighted on the birthday cake. He had gotten home half an hour before but had waited outside because apparently it is bad luck to wish happy birthday before the actual day!
11ì‹œ 반에 퇴근한 에릭. 그런데 12시가 지날때까지 생일 케이크를 들고 문 밖에서 기다렸다. 누가 생일 날짜 이전에 축하를 하는건 불길하다고 했다나…

The cake. We will wait until the morning to taste it.
메세지가 써진 케이크. 내일 아침에 먹기로 했다.

He also got some cute plants. The roundy looking ones are called “green necklace”.
케이크말고도 아기자기한 화분도 들고 왔다. 왼쪽에 동글동글하게 생긴 ê±´ “초록색 목걸이”라고 한다.

We both look really tired… It’s been a tough week for Eric. Myung Jin is just puffy ;-)
피곤해 보이는 우리. 에릭은 이번주 내내 정말 바빴다. 명진은 그냥 부었고 ;-)

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Back in Tokyo

We are finally back in our apartment in Tokyo, after living out of a suitcase for months. It’s good to be home. We bought some pink peonies to celebrate, but it turns out the pollens make Eric sneeze.

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