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We’ll always have Tohkeeyo!

The longest goooooood-bye ever. Sayonara W+K Tokyo. Hontoni, arigatou gozaimasu.

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Wieden at 5am

Coming home from one last all-nighter at WK Tokyo.

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Eric was in London

for a whirlwind business trip. He leaves again tomorrow.

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WK at Sunshine

The first week of November was the Design Week in Tokyo. Wieden held an offsite at a Harajuku cafe Sunshine.

Kuki the organizer.

The programming whiz.

Mai the nail.

Sunshine cafe turned WK

Genki’s midnight animation workshop with Jema DJing. Live design + live music = good times for the design nerds.

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The event

Last weekend we went to Odaiba to check on the PlayStation event. Players’ “playfaces” are recorded in those boxes and later the public vote for the best playface. The winner wins lifetime supply of PlayStation games! Here is the website.

Tokyo’s very own lady liberty at Odaiba.

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Eric on holiday


Back from Shanghai

We’re very very behind on the blog posting - which we still hope to get to one of these days - but for now, our most recent trip. Shanghai was HOT, in all sense of the word.

Swine flu scare was everywhere at the airport.

So full of buildings.

Eric lectured at the WK Shanghai office.

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Something cool

Eric’s stuff on nytimes blog.

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Eric’s Amsterdam adventure

Eric was invited to speak at the Creatie event in Amsterdam last December.

A quick drop-by at the Wieden Amsterdam office.

By chance, old friend Kustaa Saksi was having his show opening on the same night.

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MJ’s show

Myung Jin’s show was with other Cranbrook alumni in who are in Japan.

With Kaoru who organized the show and one of his sculptures.

Some other nice pieces in the show and the prerequisite group photo!



Last December both of us put up exhibitions in Tokyo. Eric’s was WK Tokyo’s OYKOT show at the Ginza Graphic Gallery.

All Wieden staff laboured (some literally) to make the show happen.

The opening was so packed it was hard to breathe let alone take photos!

More here at the WK Tokyo website.

After the opening, WK TokyoLab artist Jemapur performed at the Apple Store in Ginza and Eric interviewed the music video director Kosai Sakine.

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TokyoTen in LA

Last Saturday was the opening of TokyoTen show at the Nucleus Gallery. We had a great fun meeting old friends and making new friends. Thanks all for coming!

Gallery Nucleus

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Sullungtang at the Akasaka Korea town with Heng, her brother and friend. Taste of home!

Akasaka 3-14-2

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These days

Eric in Sydney hotel room working on Kumon, Myung Jin at home in Tokyo writing next semester’s syllabus. The wonders of iChat video…

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HK Nike campaign

More of Eric’s Nike Women’s campaign found in HK subway. They looked more dramatic, back lit.

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