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Sculptures outdoor

From the Hakone Sculpture Museum.

Hot spring foot bath in the park. Best idea ever.

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Hakone streetscape

Unlike Tokyo.

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On our way out

Public bath was practically private - open till late and never shared with more than 1 person at a time.

Eric smiles for the camera. Must be post-hot spring symptom.

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Breakfast at ryokan

Eric rests with his fruits after breakfast.

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Onsen Ryokan

Last weekend, a little last minute, we decided to go on an onsen ryokan trip. Hot spring bath, yummy food, and lounging about in yukata…

Hakone Yumotochaya 193

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A short stroll through the park, a ride across the lake, and it was back to Tokyo. Goodbye to greenery, back to concrete grey.

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Sulphur in the air

The huge sulphur mine in Hakone smelled of rotting egg even from the cable car. On the other side of the sulphur mine was sulphur tourism; sulphur hot spring onsen and sulphur-water-boiled eggs. We got a little too ‘V-sign’ happy for some reason. It must have been the sulphur in the air.

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Ryokan dinner

We were served dinner in our room, as is the custom with traditional Japanese ryokan. All the sashimi and seafood went to Myung Jin since Eric is allergic to them.

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Rainy Hakone

Hakone is a popular weekend destination for Tokyo people because of its proximity (only 1 1/2 hours away) and the hot springs. We ended up weathering the Typhoon No. 4 from our Hakone ryokan, Yamatoya Hotel. The best way to get there is by a short ride on their own private cable car (the cutest cable car!) down to the river gorge.

Yamatoya Hotel
Hakone Miyanoshita 66

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