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Ginkakuji(Silver Temple) was supposed to be coated with silver, but that never happened. It’s still nice that we can see how the wooden structure has aged. The amazing sand sculptures adds the silvery touch instead.

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The gold-plated one… and the surrounding garden/mountain.

Matcha and snacks at the end of our walk through Kinkakuji.

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Ryoanji has two gardens; the dry rock garden and the wet moss garden.

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Two-day Kyoto

Temple-hopping in Kyoto last weekend.

The first temple, Higashi Honganji - the largest wooden structures in Kyoto - was all covered up for renovation until 2011.

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Temple and flea market

Fukagawa Fudoson (深川不動尊) is a 200 year old buddhist temple. However, no big buddha inside the main temple. A flea market is held every 1st, 15th and 28th of the month on the alley leading up to the temple.

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