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Our hopes were high

So were the prices…

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Still hunting

Last weekend we saw three apartments. All were nice, none were perfect.

Casa Verde in Hiroo is right around the corner from where we are now.

Daita no Kiridoshi in Shin Daita has beautiful bamboo garden.

Hanegi no Mori also in Shin Daita is designed by Shigeru Ban.

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So close…

An apartment in Shirogane that we liked, but decided to pass. The half-basement bedroom just felt too damp. The search continues…

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Sangenjaya Apartment

Some photos from today’s apartment searching endeavour. It’s the nicest one so far. Three stories, heated floors, big windows, great view of the park right next it, and within our budget. The only downside is… it’s not in our current neighbourhood!
오늘 본 아파트. 지금까지 본것 중 가장 마음에 든다. 이 아파트가 지금 우리집 옆이면 금상천화이겠구만… 좀 넒은 아파트로 이사는 가야겠지만 워낙 편리한 우리 동네를 떠나기가 쉽지않다.

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