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Sensei Shinya

Shinya was the one who hired me at TUJ and always gave me great advice and guidance throughout my teaching gig. See you again in London!

For Monday lunch we all had the maguro-don, or grilled tuna on rice, Eric’s favourite lunch-time meal.

The family came out to say good-bye and we all got teary eyed. Before we left they asked through Shinya, can Eric eat Korean food? I think they were curious if he eats anything other than tuna ;-)

4-4-5 Roppongi

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Old friends Ando, Maeda and Misa

Maeda and Misa are expecting!!!

And Ando is getting younger by the minute!

Great thai meal. Quite spicy.

Last supper.

More photos.

Good-byes on the rainy streets of Roppongi

We’ll miss you guys, please come and visit!

3-8-8 Roppongi

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Yuka and Yo

Mexican at the Midtown with the Google ladies Yuka, Yo and us.

Yuka asked for something ‘romantic’ ;-)

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Shun and Kaoru

Sunday night we met up with Shun and his wife Kaoru for a Korean dinner in Daikanyama for a cozy farewell. Shun has worked with Eric on a number of recent jobs (that’s before he left WK for greener pastures ;-) and Kaoru speaks Korean as well as Myung Jin does!

A thoughtful departing gift from Shun and Kaoru. Made in Kaoru’s hometown region, in a village called Obama! Thanks guys, we’ll use it well for sure.

We have a feeling we’ll run into them pretty soon, somewhere in Europe perhaps.

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Ayumi and Rishi

It’s too bad we are cramming all our socializing activities in the last couple of weeks of our stay in Tokyo. But better late than never! Friday night out with Ayumi and Rishi at a fancy Italian place in Nishi Azabu.

Food was amazing!

This photo sums up the always mischievous Ayumi and the slightly neurotic Rishi ;-) Thanks for the fun night and hope you guys come out to London~

Mario i Sentieri
Nishi Azabu 4-1-10
03 6418 7072

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Despite its somewhat dubious location, or because of it, Chongiwa has become one of our favourite places to take our friends to. Last Thursday we were happy to go with Kaoru our long time friend from Temple.

Kaoru gave us a great gift, an alien detector! The alarm will sound when one comes near by!

MJ Eric show down. Not ;-)

Hope you come and check out the London art scene Kaoru!

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It had to be done

Now that we’re preparing to leave, we are more curious about some of the stuff we previously dismissed as silly.

I’m happy to say though, green tea Kit Kat won’t be something I’ll be craving for.

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Another happy/sad evening

It’s a happy occasion to see our friends but also sad to think it’ll be awhile before we meet again. Two nights ago we made our way to an Italian restaurant tucked away in the residential neighbourhood of Meguro called Trattoria della Lanterna Magica.

Yuko and Yohei.

A present! Beautiful bamboo ladle MJ is already making good use of. Thanks Yuko and Yohei~

Yumminess, and how we’ll miss eating in Tokyo, where it’s impossible to have bad food whatever the cuisine.

Yoko and beer and us.

We said our goodbyes at the Meguro station. Thanks guys for the good times and hope to see you in London~

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The A Team

Always genki forever patient Keiko and Tomoko are the super HR duo and they have been unbelievably supportive and helpful, we really could not have done without them. Really, our Tokyo life would not have been possible! Our last dinner was had at Nanbantei, Trish’s favourite yakitori place. Thank you guys for everything - we’ll really miss you.

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Trish and Joe dinner

A dinner long time in making with Trish and Joe, at Tahiti of the delicious Thai food and cute little 3-story building that never fails to make us envious. Could this have been our last meal here? Then we were in great company. Thanks Trish and Joe for the lovely meal and listening to our travel woes ;-)

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Crepe with Atsuko

During Golden Week we met up with Atsuko - hard to believe it’s been 2 years since she left WK! On a really really nice warm spring day we went out for crepe at La Fée Delice.

It was really nice catching up with you Atsuko! Keep in touch…

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We’ll miss Taco Rice,

the humble one-dish meal of ground beef, lettuce and rice topped with runny egg, cheese, avocado, tomatoes and chips. A combination hard to beat! Our favourite is from Sunshine Studio, Harajuku.

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Myung Dong eats

Dad and I went out for lunch and did an impromptu tour of the best eats in Myung Dong. This one alley way near the cathedral has many good eateries that’s been around forever (forever meaning since the war).

The beef soup place we were going to go to was closed for renovation - it had been in business at the same spot for 40 years and looks it. Hopefully they won’t renovate too much. Interesting contrast with the fake LV bags next door…

A couple of doors down, also with a long history, is Myung Dong Gyoza, famous not for the gyoza but the incredible Kalguksoo noodle. This is where we had lunch. I like how they have only 4 things on the menu.

Chung Moo Kimbab, where my parents took me to when I was 9 or 10 on one of my rare outings to the city. Just simple rice roll with kimchi but really really good kimchi.

Famous grilling place and nengmyun place behind the alley. Haven’t been but apparently well known to the Japanese tourists.

Diagonally across from Lotte Department store is an historic food alley way. Nam Po Myun Ok is one of dad’s favourite. Famous nengmyun place he used to come for lunch when he was working in the city. It’s often featured on TV - perhaps that’s why it looks so proper now.

The one with white sign is another one of his haunts - serves a peculiar old-fashioned soup dish of fish and tofu.


Lunch at So Rae

While in Seoul the last time, my parents and I went to a small fishing village we last visited perhaps 20 years ago. It was hard to know what to expect - things have certainly been developed, but at the same time a lot were still quite raw. Just an hour away from Seoul, but quite a different world.

A small fishing-net-making industry was thriving there.

Enter the fish market.

The system was, you pick the fish and they slice them for you on the spot.

Voila, the dining hall… mats on the floor!

Me and mum.

Lunch part 1: Sashimi, Korean style.

For sure one of the most interesting dining experiences we’ve had.

Lunch part 2: Our main goal was actually the local “flower crabs” which were in season. We picked up 4 crabs from the market,

took them to the restaurant nearby

and they steamed them for us for 8$. (Crabs were 25$ or so?)

Super fresh - perhaps not the best looking, but certainly the best tasting.

More scenes from the fish market.

Being in Korea is being inundated with color, noise, taste, and a little bit of craziness.


A special outing

Another backlog post - is a day trip to the suburbs of Tokyo with Keiko of Tortoise back in April. We saw and experienced so much on this day, thanks go Keiko! This trip was one of our inspirations to venture outside of our usual Omotesando haunts and explore and travel more in Japan.

1 1/2 hours train ride away, was still Tokyo but not the Tokyo we knew.

Toutouan was gallery and restaurant so first we sat down for a kaiseki lunch. Nary a sashimi in sight, and using fresh local foods, everything was phenomenally pretty and gorgeous and delicious.


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