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We’ve migrated to…

our new home away from home.

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Bye Bye Caprice

Home from the send-off, we finished up packing our bags, caught a couple of hours of sleep, then at 8:15 am, it was time to leave. We spent the last night sharing a futon with Kenj, which he later inherited, along with a bunch of other stuff from the house we had loaded up earlier. Kenji was the person who helped eric negotiate this house and he’s the last person to spend time with us in Tokyo.

Adios to our home of the last 8 years - Caprice 203 in Minami Aoyama. We loved this place. We’ll miss our Tokyo house dearly. Thank you so much for being such a great home.

Adios Tokyo.

This is our last post as Tokyoites ;-(


We’ll always have Tohkeeyo!

The longest goooooood-bye ever. Sayonara W+K Tokyo. Hontoni, arigatou gozaimasu.

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Ayung Yuko & Ghen

When Yuko and Ghen invited us to their home we didn’t know we were in for such a nice surprise.

Amazingly, they recreated one of Eric’s favourite restaurants Ayung Teras, the Indonesian place in Shibuya. These look so pro but they’re 100% homemade! Yuko says it’s her first time cooking Indonesian meal. Really Yuko? You haven’t been practicing for months and months?!?

Windows open on this breezy night.

Ghen does the expert move on the wok with the morning glory.

We had long admired the PEN mag feature of their newly renovated home. In real life, it’s just as nice and very cosy and obviously has an amazing kitchen.

Thanks Yuko and Ghen for the lovely evening - we really enjoyed it!

See you again, soon!

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Sensei Shinya

Shinya was the one who hired me at TUJ and always gave me great advice and guidance throughout my teaching gig. See you again in London!

For Monday lunch we all had the maguro-don, or grilled tuna on rice, Eric’s favourite lunch-time meal.

The family came out to say good-bye and we all got teary eyed. Before we left they asked through Shinya, can Eric eat Korean food? I think they were curious if he eats anything other than tuna ;-)

4-4-5 Roppongi

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Old friends Ando, Maeda and Misa

Maeda and Misa are expecting!!!

And Ando is getting younger by the minute!

Great thai meal. Quite spicy.

Last supper.

More photos.

Good-byes on the rainy streets of Roppongi

We’ll miss you guys, please come and visit!

3-8-8 Roppongi

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One of our favourite place to shop is Morita on Kotto Dori. The friendly and knowledgeable Mrs Morita (often clad in CdG) keeps the shop and her husband travels around Japan, China, Korea, India, Indonesia and Turkey to buy traditional textiles. We’re always impressed (and made jealous ;-) by their impeccable taste and gorgeously curated shop. Over the weekend we dropped by to say good-bye, but we’ll be back for sure.

Bottom of a quilted pouch used to carry light cloth perhaps.

We picked out some summery fabric scraps.

They’ve started carrying other antique goods.

It’s such a treat to browse.

5-12-2 Minami Aoyama

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Empty house

Or almost empty. Just a futon, a chair, some plants and some boxes left.

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Google outing 2

Before returning to Tokyo we had some fun at the Green Farm.

The one on the left is Wieden, the rest are signs for kindergarten groups!

Sheep dog show, the highlight of the farm.

Lunch, simple but satisfying.

Hara Museum Arc was right next door!

Art words of wisdom.

More outdoor art around the museum.

Various yumminess from the farm.

With Ai and Kana

With San

With Shane

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Google outing

When the movers were gone, we were on a bus to Ikaho in the Gunma prefecture for the Google wrap-party-slash-onsen-outing.

The party begins on the bus.

Thanks to San we got our own ginormous room (as opposed to staying in boys room and girls room).

Group dinner, Japanese style.

Kana checks on the abalone which was so fresh it was live!

The onsen was h-u-g-e with many different pools.

But wait! our room also had a private bath!!! Very nice!

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Wieden at 5am

Coming home from one last all-nighter at WK Tokyo.

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We moved!

Thursday and Friday were the ‘uplift’ days as the movers call it. For two days five movers came in and wrapped and packed and carried our stuff away in two big trucks. The movers did an impressive job with the packing - so pro and so neatly perfect in the truly Japanese way.

As Eric puts it, you move in with a couple of suitcases but when you move out it’s a different story…. It had been pretty intense packing up our Tokyo life and getting ready to leave this place we called home for the past 8 years (for Eric) and 3 years (for MJ). We’ll really miss this place.

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Yuka and Yo

Mexican at the Midtown with the Google ladies Yuka, Yo and us.

Yuka asked for something ‘romantic’ ;-)

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Shun and Kaoru

Sunday night we met up with Shun and his wife Kaoru for a Korean dinner in Daikanyama for a cozy farewell. Shun has worked with Eric on a number of recent jobs (that’s before he left WK for greener pastures ;-) and Kaoru speaks Korean as well as Myung Jin does!

A thoughtful departing gift from Shun and Kaoru. Made in Kaoru’s hometown region, in a village called Obama! Thanks guys, we’ll use it well for sure.

We have a feeling we’ll run into them pretty soon, somewhere in Europe perhaps.

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Ayumi and Rishi

It’s too bad we are cramming all our socializing activities in the last couple of weeks of our stay in Tokyo. But better late than never! Friday night out with Ayumi and Rishi at a fancy Italian place in Nishi Azabu.

Food was amazing!

This photo sums up the always mischievous Ayumi and the slightly neurotic Rishi ;-) Thanks for the fun night and hope you guys come out to London~

Mario i Sentieri
Nishi Azabu 4-1-10
03 6418 7072

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